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Property Sales in Dublin with Bracken Estates!


When looking to sell a property, you want the best property agent Dublin can offer and the Bracken Estates team is more than able to assist. We possess more than 50 years of combined experience in property sales, so we’re very placed to get you the price you’re looking for. We understand that there’s a great deal of choice when it comes to property agents Dublin wide, so why should you choose us? There are a variety of reasons why we should be your number one choice and they include: Accurate Valuations  Getting your property sold for the right price rests [...]

Property Sales in Dublin with Bracken Estates!2022-04-28T05:42:15+00:00

Bracken Estates – The Best Letting Agent Dublin Has to Offer!


In an ideal world, property management would be easy, with landlords only needing to sit back and wait for the rental income to roll in. However, in reality, it can be tough to keep on top of everything, particularly as many landlords also have full time jobs. The good news is that Bracken Estates is here to help take all the stress out of the process, with a ‘hands-off’ service that lets you concentrate on other things. Working on your behalf, we’ll ensure that all the important tasks are carried out properly and on time. Property Maintenance & Management  No matter [...]

Bracken Estates – The Best Letting Agent Dublin Has to Offer!2022-04-28T05:34:09+00:00

Why Consider a Lettings Agent to Manage Your Property?


If you’re a landlord, then there’s a good chance you’ll be taking care of the management side of things yourself. However, did you know that a lettings agent can take care of the task for you, offering at the same time, a range of different benefits? Essentially, property letting agents can help you get the absolute most out of your rental property with the minimum amount of stress and hassle. So, let’s take a look at the numerous additional advantages they bring.  A Lettings Agent Will Market Your Property The first benefit comes in the marketing of your rental property, as [...]

Why Consider a Lettings Agent to Manage Your Property?2022-04-03T07:57:37+00:00

7 Useful Tips for First Time Landlords


Being a property landlord can be incredibly rewarding, however, it is something that presents its own challenges that must be overcome. Getting into property letting for the first time can be quite daunting, but with a little insight goes a long way.  That’s what we offer, as we provide 7 useful tips to ensure that things go smoothly for you as a landlord. So, let’s waste no time in getting started. Tip #1 - Respond to tenants quickly: When small issues are dealt with quickly, you stop them becoming larger ones. It’s also a great way to ensure that the tenant/landlord [...]

7 Useful Tips for First Time Landlords2022-03-24T21:26:57+00:00

Do I Need Special Insurance if I am Renting Out My House?


At Bracken Estates, we are a leading letting agent based in South Dublin and we help property owners find and manage tenants, making the whole property letting experience smoother and less stressful. When we are not doing this, we create blogs like this one to provide some clarity on property letting matters. That is what we do here today, as we answer the question in the article’s title by saying that yes, you do need special insurance when getting into property letting. It is known as landlord insurance and there are a number of reasons that it’s something you shouldn’t be [...]

Do I Need Special Insurance if I am Renting Out My House?2022-03-05T09:59:33+00:00

Understanding Your Legal Rights and Responsibilities as a Residential Property Landlord!


At Bracken Estates, we are experts in property letting and we have been offering our services across Dublin for many years. We have a reputation locally as one of the best letting agents Dublin has to offer and we are always happy to provide help and advice to residential property landlords. We are also very experienced in commercial & residential property sales Here we are going to cover your basic rights and obligations as a residential property landlord making sure you comply with the Residential Tenancies Act. So, let us look at what you should expect from your tenant under these [...]

Understanding Your Legal Rights and Responsibilities as a Residential Property Landlord!2022-02-07T13:01:26+00:00

Understanding Basic Tenant Rights When Renting Out a Residential Property


The Bracken Estates team is experienced in all matters relating to property letting, as well as commercial & residential property sales. We understand that renting a property out through a letting agent for the first time can be a little daunting, but we are here to guide you, so do not worry, as we have your back.  With this in mind, we look at the basic legal rights tenants have when renting a residential property in Ireland. You will not be an expert by reading to the end, but you will have a better idea of what you are able to [...]

Understanding Basic Tenant Rights When Renting Out a Residential Property2022-04-03T08:00:19+00:00

A Probate Valuation Explained – Good to Know Info


A probate valuation is a valuation required by the Probate Office as part of the process of proving the Will of a deceased person and is required regardless of whether a property is being sold or not. Working through probate and performing the duties of an executor requires a degree of understanding and knowledge that Bracken Estates will help you with. What is involved in a Probate Valuation?  The first step is a probate valuation, we will meet you at the property and provide both you and the estates solicitor with an accurate valuation. We will provide advice on preparing the [...]

A Probate Valuation Explained – Good to Know Info2022-04-03T08:02:39+00:00

Landlords – Let us make your life easier in 2022


What Bracken Estates do for Landlords We do all the  advertising  for you for your property We talk to all prosective tenants We liaise with the outgoing tenants to arrange viewing times We interview and fully vet suitable tenants We arrange a move in date with them We organise all the documentation which and arrange for leases to be signed We organise the standing order form for future rental payments direct to your bank account. We provide you with a completed PRTB form and explain how to register your tenants. Bascially all you have to do is check your account every [...]

Landlords – Let us make your life easier in 20222022-01-10T15:53:38+00:00