At Bracken Estates, we are a leading letting agent based in South Dublin and we help property owners find and manage tenants, making the whole property letting experience smoother and less stressful. When we are not doing this, we create blogs like this one to provide some clarity on property letting matters.

That is what we do here today, as we answer the question in the article’s title by saying that yes, you do need special insurance when getting into property letting. It is known as landlord insurance and there are a number of reasons that it’s something you shouldn’t be without.

What Is Landlord Insurance?

When discussing their needs with property agents, landlords will typically be advised to take out landlord insurance. It is there to protect your interests as a landlord when letting a property for issues such as a tenant becoming injured or the property being damaged.

Most home insurance policies will cover you against major threats like flood, fire, and storm damage, but what typically isn’t covered is the liability protection you’ll need when renting out a property you own. That is how landlord insurance differs.

Landlord Liability Cover 

The type of cover may vary from provider to provider for property lettings, but you can expect the main protection to be included.

The exact amount you are covered for and what is protected will be determined between yourself and the insurer when the policy is arranged. Usually after having an initial fact-finding chat with you, the most suitable level of cover will be recommended.

Damage of Your Property by Tenants!

Did you know that you can insure your property for damage by your tenant? Most people are not aware that they can take out a policy where in the event of a tenant damaging or trashing the property it is covered. The excess is €3,500 however in our experience the claims go in at over €25,000 when it happens. 

It is unusual for these claims to arise however they do happen. Most companies do not cover this however there are companies that do, and it is something to be taken into consideration when looking to purchase a landlord’s policy. With this in mind, we recommend that you call our insurance partners, Fallon Insurance on 01 4516239 and ask for Dara! He has a wealth of knowledge on this very important issue.

Ensuring Our Customers Get Rental Success

As one of the leading property agents Dublin has to offer, we understand how complicated and challenging being a landlord can be. However, our team has the expertise and experience required to advise you on every aspect of being a landlord, from gaining tenants to aspects like obtaining landlord insurance.

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